August update

Time is running so fast. Ok, lets recap what was going on the last weeks.

I’m part of some new really interesting playlists on Spotify. There is MUSICA PIANO PARA DORMIR, a beautiful compilation of piano music. Especially classical music from Beethoven to Satie. The next great playlist is called HEALING SLEEP . Very interesting compilation of songs for exactly that – a good and refreshing sleep.  Im in it with the song LAST MOMENT BEFORE SUNRISE.

New release
Im still composing for my upcoming record next year. The composing is almost finished, so I can start recording in autumn. I try to release in beginning 2019.

I reached the 2000 followers on instagram, what makes me very happy. I get so many nice messages from people around the world, who listen to my music while working, concentration, chilling, cooking, sleeping. Thats awesome guys! Thank you!

Where they listen
Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-24 um 17.32.11.png
Most people listen to me from the US, followed by Mexico and Brazil. Germany is Nr. 7 and the Netherlands on 10.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-24 um 17.30.18.png

Top Cities, like last time, is Mexico City and Santiago. Sao Paulo is on Nr. 3

Piano Sheets
You find the piano songbook of my current album SMILING TRAGEDY in my online shop. In this book you find all songs and original piano arrangements.

True Piano Playlist on Spotify & Deezer

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-24 um 17.44.04.png

The playlist TRUE PIANO is growing and growing. Some really beautiful new pianists and composers are part of the compilation. The perfect playlist for concentration, relaxing, working.
Its now also availible on Deezer.

Here one of my last improvisations on the piano. 




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